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My focus is on speaking and having real conversations in French. I learnt French as an adult and I can show you how you can too! A lot of it is about confidence and The French Room provides you with an environment where your confidence can grow.
Ellie Louis - Founder The French Room
BA Hons - University of Sussex

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At The French Room all your courses, tutorials and classes are carefully crafted and delivered by me, Ellie Louis, the owner. But The French Room is much more than one tutor looking after many students. It's a cultural community of people who share a love of all things French. 
This gives you a real sense of being part of something vibrant and dynamic that has a way of making motivation and enjoyment in learning a language seem very natural.
My aim is to give you an immersive experience wherever you live so that your confidence and skill in the language can flourish.
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I help you to speak real French with confidence

My aim is to make speaking French as an accessible reality as possible for people all over the world. 
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