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The all-inclusive way to learn French and become more confident today.

All-inclusive for less than the price of a couple of cups of coffee!

*£19.99 per month when subscribed. Equivalent to £3.99 per course.

The all-inclusive way to learn French


5 Learn French Self-Study Courses

1 Self-Study Course for each French skill: Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Pronunciation

Daily Motivation Prompts

Keeps you motivated. Most important to keep you progressing and on track. Sent to you personally from Ellie your French Prof

Guided Learning from your Professeur

Improved, intelligent study choices. Let an expert select what you study and why. Learn in discussion with your fellow learners.

Learn at Your Own Pace and Time

It's in your hands. Study as many or as few 15 Tutos as you wish per month. Choose whether to binge or steadily study day-to-day.

Live Online Interactive Classes

Meet other learners, practice your speaking skills and get more personalised guidance. 100% practical, hands-on learning with your French Prof.
*Payable separately from monthly Self-Study subscription

*£19.99 per month when subscribed. Equivalent to £3.99 per course.

All-Inclusive Learn French Self-Study Programme

What's your vibe?

Brainbox Binge or Steady Eddy?

Brainbox Binge

Unleash the power of binge learning!

You are most likely driven by deadlines and like to gobble up milestones in big chunks. You enjoy setting aside a block of time for your study and to know that you have covered a significant amount of knowledge in one helping. Your learning strategy gets you thorough results although remember that with language learning, practise and repetition give your brain the highest retention results.

Steady Eddy

Reap the full rewards of being a steady study!

Practically all the research into mastering a skill finds that steady, regular and consistent learning in small chunks is the most conducive to retaining and being able to apply what you have learnt. You are most likely of the view that "slow and steady" wins the race. Your learning strategy gets you the repetition and practise needed to get lasting results. It may sometimes feel like a hard uphill slog but hang in there, just when you least expect it you will see the return on your steady investment in growth.

Immerse yourself in Self-Study

Using the The French Room App or website on any device, you can immerse yourself with the French Room Learn French Self-Study Programme. If you really want to binge, here are some ways your fellow bingers like to study.

  • Save up your daily emails from Ellie and work through them in blocks.
  • Work through the "New and Recommended" modules for each course as a block.
  • Choose a level for each course in the programme and work through the whole module to get a certificate. 

Be guided for themed learning

Using your daily prompts from Ellie, gradually move through your French learning on a theme that has been put together to give you deeper understanding and practise. It's your easy way to decide what to study. 

  • Just follow your daily guidance from Ellie.
  • Need more time to work on a Tuto? Simply repeat it as often as you need.
  • Pick up the thread again when you are ready. All the guidance is in the course discussion as well as your email inbox and App notification centre.

Set aside a block of time

Set aside some "you time" to focus on your French learning. Give yourself enough time to make some significant progress so that you know that you are advancing with your French. Some learners like to have a regular time at the weekend, for example. Saturday morning could become your French Room time. 

Work through modules for learning by level

Alternatively, choose to take a systematic learning route through the courses, one level at a time. Start at any level and progress as you wish. I recommend choosing a level and working through that module until completion and claim your certificate. If you are not sure if you are ready for a certificate, book a meeting with Ellie to review the module together.

Work through modules for learning by level

Keep progressing and stay on track with my support and motivation. Keep track of your progress and see your French confidence grow.
You can opt in to receive a daily email from me to guide you in your learning. Alternatively, you can simply work through anything that is New or Recommended. Or tick off your Tutos in any order that takes your fancy.

Keep a balanced approach across the courses for best results

Most of us find that we like 1 or 2 aspects of French more than others. Lots of people, for example, enjoy grammar and listening more than pronunciation and vocabulary. But we need to understand and practise all aspects of the language to really become confident French communicators. Try to move across the courses as well as through them for best results.

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Quarterly plan

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Learn French online with the aid of an expert tutor. Give yourself 3 months access to really improve your French.
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Annual plan

£199 / year 
Learn French online with the aid of an expert tutor. Give yourself 12 months to commit to learning and improving your French.
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  • Renews annually
  • Proven course materials
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A Self-Study Programme that covers all French language skills for a single monthly subscription 


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Learn French Grammar 

Over 60 Tutos teaching you French Grammar step by step.


Learn French Pronunciation

Over 40 Tutos for you to learn how to sound like a French person!


Learn French Vocabulary

Over 60 Tutos to expand your French vocabulary so you can find just the word you were looking for!


Learn French Listening Skills

Over 30 Tutos to practise your listening skills and improve your understanding.


🆕 Learn French Reading Skills

Now adding 🆕 Tutos to teach you how to learn to speak French from reading it.

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